Richard Jochum: Struggle, Battle, Clash, an exhibition surveying the artist’s recent video installations and participatory projects, poses the question of struggle in a world of ubiquitous social media, overwhelming information and attention overkill. How do we best present ourselves? How do we catch each other’s attention? How do we make ourselves look good? What do we do with the awkward in us and the anger that boils up? 


Sooyeon Yun is interested in human nature and visualizes it through bunny-stamps and bunny- castings. She represents countlessly repetitive bunnies in her work that rather give overwhelming impression on top of super cial and traditional image of bunny, being cute and innocent which anyone can come up with at a glance. A bunny has an aggressive and promiscuous habit in contrast to its cute and innocent appearance. In Sooyeon’s work, she has a visual challenge to give viewers insight into the inside and the outside of human beings. 


Photographer and video artist Brooke White and painter Nathan Brad Hall set out to find a common thread through their respective disciplines, using the commonality of light, space and environment to build a visual and emotional bridge across their individual work.  At the heart of their collaboration is the desire to invoke and capture the mysteries that light can reveal, both physical and existential, and how the interplay of encroaching and receding shadows allow these brief moments and forms to exist.