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Glen Cunningham is a Brooklyn based artist whose latest work focuses on the oval form and all of the possibilities of the shapes touching and rotating in orbit. The acrylic paintings are created with custom made stencils and masking to get crisp smooth lines, which are often in contrast to his painterly brush strokes. The color ranges from neutral earth tones, to blues and reds and contrasting black and white. His work gives us a chance to see the relationships of whirling space. Glen Cunningham website: www.glencunninghamstudio.com


“Reformed & Reimagined”, an exhibition curated by Christina Massey Brooklyn based artist. Featuring works by Christina Massey, Elise P. Church, and Jaynie Crimmins, this exhibition explores the various and unique roles of re-purposed materials. Each artist finds something new and memorable in the forgotten, discarded and tossed away. There’s a recognizable quality to all the abstract works, where hints of what and how the work was created reveal themselves.


“Polymorphous”, curated by New York-based artist Joel Carreiro. Featuring works by artists pursuing a broad range of interests in diverse mediums, “Polymor- phous” includes two and three dimensional works, installation and video, as well as artist books and writings. The artists in the exhibition not only produce great work but also affect the culture by curat- ing and organizing exhibitions and events, founding galleries and cooperatives, writing books, blogs and reviews, teaching, administrating, collecting, etc. By taking control of the culture process both vertically and horizontally, artists lead rather than being subservient to a money/power system that promotes a few artists to super-star status while marginalizing all others.


"A Collection of Slow Happening"

The exhibition will feature her media works with installation, known for different recognition of waiting and entertaining. Yiyang’s work is the ethnic humor about how people spend time and how to entertain it. She focuses on the meditational aspect about time from common event of mundane life. It will lead to the subtle tension between a force of resistance against meaninglessness and unfamiliar amusement about time.