Tanya Chaly makes visible the invisible forces of nature through interventions into her analytical drawings on paper of animals and the ecosystems they inhabit. Her work balances order with disorder, meticulously combining renderings in graphite and charcoal with indications of impending microscopic threats. Often, they take the form of thousands of pinholes depicting the molecular structures and toxins that impact species, and the delicate systems in nature that support them. While some of the most vulnerable of animals might adapt to these environmental pressures, others will mutate or succumb to them. The tension in Chaly’s work is apparent in the beauty of her drawing and the innate beauty of the creatures she’s drawn, while, simultaneously, acknowledging the possibility of their extinction. Her work and installations are layered with clues to understanding complex issues in science and life. In the process, poignant questions arise surrounding resilience, survival and loss.


The exhibition, Where Nature Ends, presents the work of seven artists who, together, display layered investigations into the forces of nature by portraying the shifting lines between the natural landscape and industrialization as insistent forces in harmony and conflict. Concurrent with the potential of technology to preserve and devastate, is a steady increase of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and extreme temperatures, as reported by the United Nation. Where Nature Ends examines these forces through disparate materials and techniques by contrasting the overwhelming power of nature, with its potential for inherent beauty and transcendence.