The Cluster Gallery is pleased to present “Appropriate Behavior”, a group exhibition curated by Sungjin Choi. Featuring works by Steve DeFrank, Scott Ferguson, and Zachary Fabri.

We can imagine culture as invisible connections composed of values, beliefs, ideas about appropriate behavior. Each one of appropriate behavior refers to a person’s sense of belonging to a particular culture or group. It is about learning and accepting about traditions, heritage, language, religion, aesthetics, thinking patterns, and social structures of a culture. Different behavior of culture is a part of self-concept of individuals. They interpret the events, happenings, and attitudes in the different viewpoints regarding cultural identities, even under same society.

This exhibition is featuring works by artists who interpret particular culture with their own historical, aesthetical and social perspectives.


The Cluster Gallery is pleased to present “GAZE”, a group exhibition curated by Shlomit Dror. Featuring video works by Andrew Neumann, Alec Von Bargen, Bonam Kim, Katya Grokhovsky, Nechama Winston, Samantha DiRosa, and Sara Meghdari.

The subject of Gaze in the context of this juried show, encapsulates the ways in which we experience the act of looking and being looked at. Ranging in expression and form, the artists selected examine notions of masquerading, visibility and invisibility as well as distortion of time and space. Bonam Kim, Katya Grokhovsky, and Sara Meghdari explore the act of seeing both through concealing and revealing their identities. In their works, the artists gaze directly at the viewer or surroundings and by so doing shift the role of the spectator, turning him or her as the subject. The artists Samantha DiRosa, Andrew Neumann, Alec von Bargen and Nechama Winston use various techniques, manipulations and archival footage to reconfigure reality and highlight different notions about perception. In their works, time, space and perspective are distorted, raising questions of what is (in)visible, fictional or real.