The Cluster Gallery is pleased to present “Remnants”, a group exhibition curated by Lisa A. Banner. Featuring works by Keith Long, James Perkins, and Jean Shin.

Spring welcomes the fresh and new, implying moist raw earth, warming to the sun, buds and shoots, unfurling leaves and fragrant blossoms. Or the cold waves crashing in spring onto a beach littered with driftwood, broken shells and heavy sand cast up from winter storms. It is a time of beginning, and clean starts. Spring Cleaning reminds us that the first time we open the windows and let a cool breeze waft through a room, it lifts our spirits. We anticipate interpretations of fashion that allow us to put on new clothes for the season, with lighter fabrics, revealing different contours and interpretations of the body, framing new identities.

Each of the artists in this exhibition reveals to us the remnants of the process of creating those new identities, taken from the fabric of life. It is no coincidence that two of the artists in this exhibition have chosen to title some of their works with the same theme drawn from fashion: Spring Collection.

Using leftovers collected from discarding, or unveiling, or manufacturing, Long, Perkins and Shin create fresh interpretations from odds and ends, inviting us to peer into the creative process and reexamine our own relationship to recycling and cycling into a new season. With them, we can reexamine what spring holds for us.